Offering Pinnacle, Winsted’s revolutionary console that offers the peak operator experience. Crafted in a sleek contemporary look with cutting-edge engineering and meticulous attention to detail, Pinnacle puts the tech in technical furniture.

With unrivaled flexibility and serviceability, Pinnacle features best-in-class cable management, with a plethora of connectivity options, integrated convenience outlets and ports, Qi wireless charging, the best mix of monitor arms and task lights, Personal Environmental Comfort system, and status lighting options. These premium features make Pinnacle the optimal choice of any control room.

Elevate your control room with Pinnacle – the peak of console design.


Sliding Worksurface

Slide forward Pinnacle’s unique sliding worksurface and you’ll discover the game changing Technology Tray. This hidden gem is an expansive cable management tray large enough to hold small electronics and Micro PCs. It features integrated AC power and a wide range of AV and Network connectivity, such as fiber optic and ethernet patches, USB connections, video connections, audio patch connections, and integrated USB-C power boasting 45 watts per junction – all of which are fully custom configured.

Cable Management

Pinnacle is designed with cable management at its core. Utilizing an industry-leading three tier design, bid farewell to cable clutter and embrace seamless organization.

  • Starting at Pinnacle’s open and fully accessible console footprint, a full width mesh cable tray makes it easy to bring cabling into the console from underfloor. No more difficulties pinpointing a specific grommet location. This is flexibility at its finest.
  • Pinnacle’s primary base structure can be configured to support a wide range of technology. Using the available bi-directional slide out and rotating PC trays, or available integrated 11U 19” rack, giving users ample storage for all their equipment needs.
  • The second tier of cable management is another full width mesh cable tray allowing cables to enter at any point. Removable top covers allow for full access to the tray. Cabling from the technology in the main compartment are routed up to the second tier via vertical cable tie bars that can be installed in multiple locations. Once the cables are securely managed to the second tier, they can travel the full length in either direction to one of the legs of the console to continue upward through the flexible energy chain.
  • After traveling up the energy chains the cabling exits to the Technology Tray. This full-length cable tray boasts ample space for all cables and small devices. The mesh design also offers endless tie down points to keep everything neat and clean.
  • The sliding worksurface on the console grants unprecedented service access to the console’s cabling making serviceability and maintenance a breeze – without interrupting operations.
  • Integrated LED motion-activated service lighting makes managing and servicing the console simple. No need for a flashlight – every cable’s pathway is clearly lit.
  • Each leg of the Pinnacle console can be configured to mount multiple electrical boxes for building service or UPS power or an adapter bracket to hold a TAA compliant 12-port CAT6 patch panel.

Space and Power

Pinnacle also features dedicated space and power outlets for console service devices. Everything required to run the console system is tucked away and separated from the clients’ cables and devices.

Versa Track Rail

Pinnacle features a full length Versa Track rail to mount many available console accessories such as monitor arms, task lighting, and an operator cooling fan to name a few.

Operator Convenience

Operator convenience features are plentiful within Pinnacle. A flush mounted pop-up convenience connectivity module is available for corded charging or convenience connections. Integrated wireless Qi charging keeps the worksurface cable-free, while charging Operators’ smartphones via the integrated induction charging system built into the Pinnacle surface.

Console Sizes

Pinnacle is available in several console sizes including 60, 72, 84, and 96 inches.