VTI Security is one of the industry leaders in designing, installing and supporting a full range of advanced security technologies. Integrating with companies for nearly 40 years, VTI helps organizations in industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, utilities, transportation, education, industrial, financial services and more to form software and hardware solutions for their security.

One of VTI’s recent projects came with a unique challenge. A large, Midwest energy organization needed to update the control room for their security team while making room for a new group to use the workspace. The new space needed to house an enterprise resiliency department, in addition to a security team. This team would be responsible for incidents involving major catastrophes, natural disasters, executive travel and more.

Building a Longstanding Partnership with VTI Security

To face this challenge, VTI turned to a longstanding partner, Winsted. Collaborating for more than 20 years, Winsted has become a “go-to” company for VTI.

“We did look at other manufacturers at the client’s request, said Jerry Klapak, Senior Account Manager, VTI Security. “But after looking at other lines, we found that the cost, level of service and attention we received from Winsted wasn’t comparable.”

The consoles VTI needed to help their client replace were original Winsted furniture. The furniture had been in the space for more than 20 years.

“It really spoke to the longevity of the equipment,” said Klapak.

To create the right solution for this dual-use space, Winsted got to work right away, letting the needs of the client drive the solution.

“They took the time to set up several meetings in the beginning to find the right furniture for the space, said Klapak. “Once they understood what the needs were, they rolled that into a design that fit the physical space.

A Space for Everyone

VTI doubled the space for the shared area to 2,300 square feet. To create cohesiveness in the space, Winsted was able to customize furniture for the smaller enterprise resiliency department space. Although the furniture was different, it had the same look, feel and function as the primary security operation.

The new space includes eight Impulse Dual Sit/Stand Consoles split into three workstations – six for the security operations and two for the enterprise resiliency department. Each workstation features a clamshell credenza, designed and manufactured by Winsted. Winsted also retrofitted with space with 38 custom lockers for staff.

Creating Security Solutions – Building Trust

Partnering for more than two decades, VTI trusts the strengths and focus that Winsted brings their projects time and again. 

“I truly feel that Winsted has our best interests in mind for both us as an integrator and our clients, said Klapak. “They use the voice of our clients’ needs to drive their solutions.”

Klapak also regards Winsted’s service after the sale, not just leading up to it.

“Their attention to detail and high focus before, during and after installation is key,” said Klapak. “It’s one thing to provide that level of service to get a sale, but after the sale the staff came out and made some adjustments to fine-tune and polish the installation.”