101 with Lisa Nied, Winsted’s VP of Global Operations

Vice President of Global Operations Lisa Nied

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Lisa Nied, who joined Winsted last year as Vice President of Global Operations. Lisa discussed her background, her role at Winsted, and what makes the company stand out within the industry.

Q: Please tell us a little about your background.

A: I’ve been in operations for 25-plus years. During that time, I worked in literally all aspects of the supply chain. I started out on the plant floor, went on to work as a supervisor, as a buyer, in inventory control – you name it!

That background really set me up for this position. I don’t just oversee all the aspects of the workflow – I’ve been there on the front lines myself. I understand what everybody’s working on. I think that builds trust, improves relationships, and ultimately keeps the quality of our products and services high.

And I’m not afraid to pitch in, either! I’ve worked at some big companies, but Winsted is a village, and when help is needed, I’m there, whatever part of the chain it’s in.

Q: How would you describe the state of the company currently?

A: It’s an exciting time and an exciting work culture. We’ve got a lot of new blood on the executive leadership team, and that’s been really positive in terms of how the different individuals of the organization relate to and connect with each other. We have employees who’ve been here forty years, who’ve built Winsted up and made it the success that it is. The more recent additions, like me, bring a fresh energy, and are building a bridge between what’s gotten us this far and what might come next. The culture is really what makes Winsted great.

Q: Where does Winsted fit into the big picture of what’s going on the industry?

A: Creating mission-critical environments is a dynamic business, and our skills have never been in higher demand. After all, today we live in a mission-critical world with lots of things going on across all sectors. There are new norms in supply chains everywhere, and so many businesses want additional security and surveillance. Their situations are all unique, and that’s what makes it exciting to see what our different clients need and how we can fit into it. We always fit the solution to the situation.

Because ultimately, what we provide is just that: a solution, not a product. We solve problems. The way we create work environments is about more than just picking furniture. Our job as we see it is to reduce fatigue, improve functionality. It’s a great responsibility and we take it seriously.

I’ve been so impressed with what I’ve seen from our employees – their innovation, their teamwork. They’re living who they want to be, and that means living Winsted’s core values day in and day out. They’re customer-obsessed, and quality means everything to them. What we offer our customers is a wonderful combination of product, process and people.

Q: What’s on the horizon for Winsted?

A: Oh, there’s so much in the works. New product launches and new process implementations, expanding our manufacturing capabilities, and acquiring new talent. We’re also keeping up with aesthetic trends in design, which are constantly changing.<?Q: Finally, what do you like the most about the work?

A: Well, Winsted is playing a role in some of the most visionary work going on in the world. Whether it’s a space launch or saving lives, we have provided the human interface that allows it all to happen.

At the end of the day, the work environments we create become part of the mission. We put our solutions into spaces that change the way the world runs. It gives us a place in history!