Winsted Provides Innovative Consoles and Accessories for PSAP Industry

In the mission-critical world, PSAP is as urgent as it gets. Public safety operators need to be at their best – aware, focused, and clear of mind. Winsted consoles help make it possible. By optimizing dispatchers’ vision, concentration, and comfort, Winsted products reduce chaos and keep full-scale, multi-workstation call centers operating at peak efficiency.

Winsted’s Vue workstation and the new Pinnacle consoles bring together critical ergonomic support and advanced technologies – providing PSAP operators with unparalleled comfort and control.

Winsted is now also offering unique accessories custom tailored specifically for PSAP centers.

Accessories include:

  • Operator Cooling Fan
  • Heater Door
  • Portable Air Filtration Fan
  • Status Light
  • Swing-Out Cup Holder

With these new accessories, operators will be able to maintain focus and continue on their mission with greater comfort than ever before. More than just furniture, Winsted products directly contribute to the lifesaving efforts of these critical workers.

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Acerca de Winsted
Winsted is the world leader in control room console solutions. Founded in 1963, Winsted has been a constant leader in product design and development. Winsted is made of a team of experts whose combined disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics, and interior design give the company the capabilities to create control room solutions that are both efficient and eye catching. Product concepts are consistently built and designed with customer input and recognition of industry needs and demands. Winsted’s approach to the modular system has become and industry standard while Winsted’s experience designing and developing specialized products enables the company to offer console and technical furniture solutions for any necessary application.