Winsted President Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Randy Smith, President of Winsted, is celebrating a remarkable milestone this week – his 40th anniversary with the global control room console manufacturer.

In 1982 Randy was hired as a member of the Winsted warehouse team. As the company grew, Randy started helping at the photo studio, moving, and assembling products to shoot for the annual catalog. Eager to support Winsted’s mission, Randy then worked developing the catalog, conducting mailings, and executing trade shows. Over time, he eventually was promoted to Marketing Manager and now President.

Over the last four decades, Randy has touched nearly every part of the Winsted business, making him one of the industry’s most well versed and experienced experts.

“Randy’s dedication to customer service is outstanding,” said Tracy Crocker, Winsted CEO. “His commitment to our customers and our staff has been a significant driver in our growth.”

In his current role as President, Randy oversees strategic planning, marketing, sales development, client relationships and new market expansion strategies.

“I’m proud to be celebrating 40 years with the Winsted corporation, a worldwide leader in mission critical technical furniture solutions and ergonomic workspaces,” said Randy. “I’m so glad to be part of the wonderful and skilled team that works to reimagine the control room – clearing a path to productivity and a path to win.”

In his free time Randy is an avid outdoorsman and loves spending time with his wife, children, and grandkids.