Winsted partners with Concept Seating to provide wholistic ergonomic solution for 24/7 environments

Bloomington, MN – April 26, 2022 – Winsted, the global leader in configurable control room consoles and furniture, has announced a new partnership with Concept Seating. Together, Winsted and Concept Seating are working to equip control room operators around the globe with durable and ergonomic consoles, workstations, and chairs for 24/7 environments. Through their partnership, Winsted and Concept Seating are providing a total solution for continuous use workspaces.

“Winsted engineers control rooms where design, function, detail, and comfort work together harmoniously to create the best in situational awareness,” said Tracy Crocker, Winsted CEO. “Alongside Concept Seating, Winsted is working to provide a complete solution for control room operators that works to minimize fatigue and maximize performance.”

Proper control rooms are built with their users in mind – ensuring components, such as consoles and chairs, are engineered to support those who depend on them most. A furniture system developed with intelligent ergonomics can become an extension of an operator’s body and mind and can clear a path to productivity.

“Concept Seating is thrilled and excited to be partnering with Winsted,” said Joel Vento, Concept Seating Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Our long lasting, high performing seating provides superior comfort and critical ergonomic support to professionals in demanding environments.”

Whether you are building a state-of-the-art command center from the ground up, or simply need to upgrade your existing setup, Winsted and Concept Seating can create the ideal solution for your space.

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