WINSTED WEBINAR SERIES: Essentials of Today’s Control Room

Nine-part series to cover “Control Room Essentials,” specific technologies, and more.

For decades, the Winsted brand has been synonymous with innovative solutions for mission-critical control room environments. Coming this year, Winsted will be launching an AVIXA RU-accredited webinar series called “Essentials of Today’s Control Room” and hosted by Shawn Brady, Winsted’s Vice President of New Product Development.

The series will begin with “Control Room 101,” an overview of control rooms themselves and a high-level look at the technology systems within them. The remaining eight webinars will take a deeper dive into each specific technology discussed in the first webinar. This series will feature many special guest partners and subject matter experts in their fields.

“Implementing control room technology is about improving the lives of operators, which translates into safety,” said Brady. “Planning a control room is ultimately about how keep people safe, whether that means responding to emergencies, managing air traffic, or simply making sure residents have heat and power in their homes. None of this can happen without a properly designed control environment.”

We look forward to seeing you as we unpack the world of control room design considerations.

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