What is ‘situational awareness’ and why does it matter?

Situational awareness refers to the knowledge and environmental understanding that allows operators to make correct decisions in complex situations. Good situational awareness means operators understand what’s going on around them, along with the impact of their actions. They can gather information effectively, assess abnormal situations and quickly take corrective action if needed.

Situational awareness is important to the overall success of a control room. Operators with poor situational awareness are more likely to make potentially disastrous mistakes.
An ill-equipped or distracted operator who makes the wrong decision at a critical time can cause harm to coworkers, the surrounding community, or the environment.
Situational awareness is impacted by many factors including lighting, sound, and ergonomics. However, situational awareness supported by ergonomics starts and stops at the operator’s console and chair.

Winsted is the world leader in control room console solutions. Founded in 1963, Winsted has
been a constant leader in console and workstation product design and development. Winsted’s team of experts have combined disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics, and interior design—giving the company the capability to create control room solutions that are both efficient and eye-catching.

Control room consoles and chairs operate less as traditional office furniture and more as critical pieces of equipment that contribute to the success of your operation, employee health and satisfaction.

Well-built technical furniture typically offers the option of height-adjustable work surfaces, personal environmental systems, multi-user accommodations, personal storage, and other elements that contribute to user comforts.

There is a direct correlation between operator comfort and strong situational awareness. Proper ergonomics reduces distractions and increases situational awareness. A furniture system developed with intelligent ergonomics can become an extension of an operator’s body and mind and can clear a path to productivity.