DISCLAIMER: The sample colors, stains, grains and finishes shown may vary slightly from actual product samples. If necessary, please request, and view, an actual product sample in the target environment.


Choose from a broad range of colors, textures and patterns. We supply laminates from all the major manufacturers. The high-pressure laminate is bonded to a 1-1/8″ thick MDF core for strength and the work surface is finished with our durable Safeguard Edge.


• Durable high-pressure plastic laminate surface
• Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns
• Optional textures and gloss levels available
• Laminate is bonded to 1-1 /8″ thick MDF core
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Safeguard Edge provides exceptional durability


Through a proprietary process, we insert a continuous protective bumper material in the front edge of the work surface. This protective bumper significantly increases the durability of the work surface, which is often subject to heavy physical stress in 24/7 control room environments. 


• Continuous protective bumper inserted in the front edge for improved durability
• Ability to produce multidimensional profiles for comfortable edges and aesthetics
• Easily conforms to three-dimensional surfaces
• Easy to clean with soap and water
• Reduces visible seams


Our urethane Comfort Edge work surface offers the ultimate in flexibility and durability. The black urethane edge is molded to 1-1/8″ laminated industrial-grade 45lb. particleboard. We can supply laminates from any of the major manufacturers. The Comfort Edge work surface features a smooth, contoured profile to improve operator comfort and maximize productivity.


• Permanently bonded black urethane creates a long-lasting, water-tight    seam with a smooth finish
• Ergonomic profile provides comfort and reduces the risk of injury from sharp edges
• Antibacterial and antifungal additives promote a healthy work environment
• UV-resistant urethane will not change color or deteriorate over time
• Suitable for the most demanding 24/7 control room operations


Corian work surfaces are durable and feature an attractive, seamless appearance. The solid colors penetrate through the entire thickness of the material so blemishes are easily repaired. The smooth, nonporous finish is hygienic and easy to clean while being resistant to liquids and heat. 


• Easy to clean and stain-resistant because liquid cannot penetrate the surface
• Durability and renewability with common abrasive cleaners reduce the need for replacement, which makes Corian inherently environmentally friendly
• Joints are unobtrusive and impermeable with a seamless appearance 
• Colors and patterns penetrate through the surface and cannot wear away
• Inert, non-toxic, chemically unreactive, hypoallergenic and fire-resistant 
• Advanced blend of natural minerals and acrylic polymer