POINT: Point to the Product Line and Category best suited for your control room design.

CLICK: Click the part you wish to add to the console design.

DONE: Done - after placing the part into the design.


The PART SELECTION toolbar provides a user-friendly graphical interface that simplifies the selection of parts for your console design. This Toolbar is located at the left side of the Design Window and can be automatically hidden by clicking the Pin Tack just above the Part Selection toolbar. Hiding this toolbar provides maximum design area.


The View and MODE toolbars, at the right of the Design Window, allow the user to make modifications and change views of the current design.

  • VIEW allows the user to pan, rotate, zoom, center and more for greater design flexibility.
  • MODE allows the user to move, copy, label, measure and more for modifying and customizing the design. Work Surface and Side Panel styles and colors can be selected from this toolbar. Images can be added to monitors, enhancing the design of your control room.




METRIC or US STANDARD: The unit of measure can be easily changed for your specific area. US Standards are the default units, but can be changed by selecting Metric Units in the Options pull-down menu.

DEMO MODE: Demo Mode displays an animated assortment of sample control room designs to assist users in creating their console. Demo Mode is available through the Options pull-down menu.

SHORTCUTS: Simplicity or Speed. Commands can be simply executed using the Mouse with standard Point & Click features, or optional Keyboard Shortcuts, which are available for many commands to speed your design time. A list of Keyboard Shortcuts can be found in the Options pull-down menu.





WELS control room design software is developed to be extremely user friendly. With a little practice anyone can create their own console design.

If you have difficulty creating your console, WELS has a built-in Help section with detailed descriptions and examples of every command. The Help also has a "How to..." section for advanced features such as creating images to place on monitors, customizing the Room to match your floor plan, modifying Work Surface styles and colors and more.

Please contact the Winsted Team should you need assistance.